B&A Gladstone, NJ

"With her blend of inspired design sense and eye for color, Julie magically transformed five or six rooms in my house.  She truly understands classic old houses like ours but isn’t afraid to bring in new themes. Working with her is a delight—she is as efficient as clockwork and always brings her gentle humor with her. She’ll search far and wide for the perfect accent for your job, from the D&D building in NYC to local auction houses. And I love her sensitivity to client budget. There were some rooms we didn’t want to break the bank on, so Julie imaginatively reordered, moved, swapped, added some fresh touches, and…voila…a whole new room for peanuts!"

K&W Mountainville, NJ

"We met Julie upon our move to New Jersey. She guided us, as we remodeled our “new” two-hundred-year-old-house. When we started, Julie helped us select which of our stored accessories, rugs and furniture should be used and which should not be. We worked from one area to the next throughout the house. Julie’s workroom did wonders upholstering both kept and new furniture and draperies. Eventually, we renovated our kitchen and a bathroom. The house has been transformed and now moves so well from one room to the next. Julie worked at our pace and kept within our budget. She helped us imagine, appreciate our unique style, and led us to our dream home."

B&D Tewksbury, NJ

"Julie began working with us on our new house about one year ago. She initially arranged and hung our artwork. Julie then proceeded room-by-room to add furniture, rugs and accessories that complement and finish each area. What fun it is to work with her. Julie shows you her good sense of design, space and color. With a great can do attitude, she sees the whole picture. As we walk into each room, we’re always reminded what a nice home we live in! "

G&M Hunterdon County, NJ

"We have worked with Julie on different projects for nearly six years. We appreciate her great eye for color,  resources for quality furnishings and fabrics, and putting them all together in a way we'd not considered. The best is that the finished room looks like us. Julie is both professional and fun to work with. Everyone who comes to our home tells us how comfortable it is. Thank you, Julie!"