My design services support complete Home Projects, as well as individual spaces. They apply to new construction, renovation or an existing area. I am your resource for current design innovation and trends while maintaining respect and deference to historic and classical mores.

Initial Meetings & Consultation

During our initial meeting and early conversations, we will spend time discussing your tastes, styles and aesthetic, design and décor values. Within this context, I help you to broadly define the objectives and scope of your project.

Floor Plans & Arrangement

Once you decide to move forward, I can provide you with floor plans to help determine the best blend of each room’s function and aesthetic goal. My focus is on: your comfort and circulation within the space; arrangement of furniture, rugs and equipment; and the area’s coordinated flow to adjoining rooms. If plans are provided by your architect or builder, I review them and offer suggestions to ensure that they support your design and décor objectives. Quite often, this review avoids costly changes later.

Existing Spaces

When your project centers on an existing space, I will prepare for you storyboards, graphical templates and illustrations to help with your choice of flooring, wall finishes, window treatments, lighting, appliances, hardware, and furnishings that may include antiques and artwork.


As the project progresses, I will suggest and help you select: fabrics, trims, wallpapers and finishes; a color palette; hardware; furniture; rugs and carpets; window treatments; artwork and decorative accessories.

Editing & Transition

Whether your project is changing an existing space or you are moving from one home to a new one, I will advise you which of your furnishings and artwork should be kept and used in the renovated or new space. I will prepare color palettes and other media to help you make your selection. During a relocation - on moving day - I will be at your new home to provide oversight, so your valued belongings are placed and arranged perfectly in the correct room.

Use of My Resources & Oversight of Yours

My resources include: artisans, experienced and proven workrooms, carpenters and builders, tile setters, painters, and the finest Décor Houses in NYC. I will be your point person during the period from placing initial orders, procurement, installation, inspection to needed follow-up. If you decide to use one of your own contractors or vendors, I will be glad to provide oversight in the context of your project. My effort and focus center on detail, quality and timeliness.